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  • A "Chopped" Style Cooking Contest & A Celebrity Chef

    Friday, April 17, 2020   /   by Liza Hach

    A "Chopped" Style Cooking Contest & A Celebrity Chef

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    Above: Phila Hach

    I have been around food my whole life. My grandmother, Phila Hach, or as I liked to call her – Phifee, who is known for creating Cracker Barrel’s first cookbook, the World’s Fair’s first cookbook and many others was the sole reason I fell in love with cooking. Even though she is not with us anymore, I know I can pick up any of her 17 published cookbooks and start creating one of her masterpieces. Phifee loved to entertain and she used her passion of food to bring people together that otherwise would not. My brothers and I would just sit on the counter trying to make the perfect sauce while Phifee created new dishes. It is funny to think about how well you can get to know someone just by spending time with them in the kitchen. Are they messy? Do they use a measuring cup? Do they use a whisk or their hands? In my opinion, you can be a chef, but if you don’t get your hands dirty, then you are not a creator. My grandmother created art, there was so much thought in the way that she prepared and plated her food. She used these creations to continue creating experiences. She brought so many strangers together that now call each other family.

    Right now, it is hard to create those experiences for people, but we want to create something that comes very close to it. We will be hosting a three-week Quarantine Cooking campaign! Chopped is probably my favorite show and we are using their format: the first week will be an appetizer round; the second week, an entrée round; and the third and final week will be the dessert round! We want you to use what you have in your pantry! Don’t go out to the grocery to get what you need, get creative with what you have! Let’s come together through food. Join us at our “virtual” table and let’s create something spectacular!