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  • A Sticky Situation

    Friday, September 27, 2013   /   by Rachel Green

    A Sticky Situation

    Do you have a collection of art, décor, or other wall hangings hidden in a closet somewhere?  You really want to hang them, but you haven’t found exactly the right spot?  Or what if you hang them and you change your mind?  Maybe you’re renting and you don’t want to pay to patch the holes from the nails when you leave? Or, maybe your home is too new and nice to put holes in the walls? 

    This was us in our first home.  Three and a half years exactly and not a hole in any wall… nor a single piece of décor (unless you want to call two-tone paint décor).  People would come over after we’d been living there for two years and ask if we just moved in.  I must confess… empty walls painted with santo domingo crème in eggshell finish with alabaster trim was not exactly an inspiring interior décor option.
    That’s until we discovered 3M Command Strips.  Possibly the best invention ever.  I immediately went to the basement and brought all the pictures, a mirror, a decorative clock and more up to finally display.  Our house became a home that day.  Three months later we moved, without regretting hanging our décor, because there still was not a hole in any 
    wall.  No patching, painting, or dreading.  

    Don’t let the hassle of hanging art get in the way of giving your space the personality it deserves.  Take your walls from drab to fab with the amazing sticky strips from 3M.