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  • An Urban Escape

    Wednesday, June 10, 2020   /   by Chris Green

    An Urban Escape

    If you are like us, you have probably been walking around your neighborhood again and again to lessen your cabin fever. We were getting tired of doing the same route every day and thought to ourselves..."Where else can we go on a walk and not have to travel by a land machine to get there?" It just came to me like a laser beam...Tanner Park!

    We can walk to the park from our house and go straight down to the river, so that is exactly what we did. To our great surprise, there were two trails: one that allowed four legged friends and one that did not. We chose to take the path less traveled (by dogs). We love dogs but don't have one yet. This section is closed to dogs so the birds and the ecosystem of the park would not be bothered, so naturally it is a great spot for bird watching if that is your thing.  For us, we just loved hearing the birds sing their favorite tune.  As we were walking on the trail, we looked over to our right and this fabulous tree was begging us to play. So, we stopped for a few and checked the old tree out.  The tree as well as the trail reminded us of the book, Bridge to Terabithia by Katherine Paterson.  

    We continued to wander down the trail and saw wildflowers in full bloom as we marched next to bugs taking a stroll down the same trail we were.  We spotted some snakeskin that turned out to be something I wanted to investigate more.  Getting a closer look, I could tell it was a rattlesna...nope, just a piece of rope. Exciting nonetheless! 

    After quite an adventure from our front doorstep, we made it to the most east part of the park where the river comes down from Parleys Canyon. The trail looped back around and we were able to meet back up with our four-legged friends. If you feel a little famished after all of that walking, there is a bench that you can sit on and enjoy a snack. While we ate our snack, we saw at least 15 different breeds of dogs... not to make this sound like Dr. Seuss but... we saw big dogs and little dogs and white dogs and black dogs and furry dogs and not-so-furry dogs. Every canine in sight was enjoying a splash in the pond, so if you are accompanied by a furry friend, there is definitely a fun afternoon in store for you, but maybe bring a towel if you’re getting back in the car. 

    The sun started to set and we decided that we should start heading back.  Even though we were in the middle of the city, we felt like we were hundreds of miles away because of the beautiful scenery. This trail was truly ‘urban hiking’ and it just proves that you can step out your back door and travel to a whole new world. 

    Urban Hike wk 8 pic 5.JPG  Urban Hike wk 8 pic 2.JPG Urban Hike wk 8 pic 3.JPG Urban Hike wk 8 pic 4.JPG Urban Hike wk 8 pic 1 .JPG