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  • Chasing Waterfalls

    Wednesday, April 29, 2020   /   by Chris Green

    Chasing Waterfalls

    DO go chasing waterfalls. 

    TLC may be right about a lot of things, but they clearly never went in search of the Hidden Falls. Because if they had, we wouldn’t have that catchy tune to sing the whole time we were hiking to find them.  

    When Rachel [my adventure partner, of course] suggested we go “on a quick hike” before dinner, I immediately thought of Hidden Falls. I had heard there is this wicked easy hike to these falls, located right above the S-Curve [Big Cottonwood Canyon Road]. We headed up the canyon to find them. After what seemed like a not-very-short while and a lot of elevation gain, near a very quiet stream on our left, the trail turns and there is no stream and no waterfall. Eventually, with no waterfall sighting, but satisfied with our efforts and now very hungry, we turn back toward the car. Just before we had given up, Rachel wanders to the right and yells back with big hand gestures and big surprise – we cross [and fall into] a shallow, narrow stream and WOW, there they are.

    We weren’t the only ones on the trail looking for the falls, but other hikers had decided they must be across the street off the Lake Blanche trailhead – oh no my friend, stick to the map. Now, I’m not entirely giving away the location of them [just yet] otherwise they wouldn’t be the Hidden Falls, but if you find yourself going up, at least look back at the S-curve. You’ll be glad you did – even if your game of hide-and-seek turns out – Falls: 1, You: 0.

    I’d say to find the falls on your own and don’t stick to the rivers and the lakes that you're used to, but if you’re gonna have it your way, I’ll give you some hints after the photos.

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    20200421_195500.jpg 20200421_200304.jpg 20200421_193747.jpg 20200421_195745.jpg 20200421_192355.jpg 20200421_192251.jpg 20200421_194426.jpg
    Hidden Falls_Map.jpg

    HINT: [Spoil Alert – If you’re hoping to find the Hidden Falls on your own, read NO further.] The trailhead is north [straight up] from the parking lot nestled inside the S-Curve. Once across the highway, stay to the left. There are some stairs to the right for another trail [from which you can look down on the S-Curve for a bird’s eye very cool view], but don’t take that one if you’re strictly here for the falls. You’ll have to cross on some logs and rocks, so wear appropriate footwear. The hike is indeed wicked easy and is only about ¼ mile round trip.