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  • First Look | Photography Matters

    Thursday, March 18, 2021   /   by Rachel Green

    First Look | Photography Matters

    Did you know a buyer will only look at each listing photo for less than half a second? Imagine what an impact on your selling price a bad set of photos has. 

    During the recession, I was overwhelmed with short sales, calling banks every morning and waiting months for answers, so I sought to find non-short-sale homes to list. This was no easy task, given the market was on a steady decline. If I showed up to give you the value of your home, it could be very different [and much lower] in just a few months. So, I head to think ahead of the market and find listings that were not distressed. Thus began one of the most enriching experiences of my career. 

    With a background in journalism and marketing, I sought out expired listings [homes that did not sell when listed] and relisted them. By staging and marketing these homes, I was able to turn nearly all the re-listed homes into sold properties. 

    I used my journalism skills to make sure the home was presented in a way that the new buyer could imagine themselves living there [Staging]. Next, we set out to capture the home with magazine-quality photos and words [photography and blog]. Then we added our leave-no-stone-unturned active marketing plan. 

    In today's market, things are moving very quickly, but there are still homes that do not sell. Moreoever, many sellers are leaving money on the table, by not hiring the right people to do the marketing of the home. It's true what they say – who you hire matters.

    On one of our recent listings, we got a wonderful reminder of such. Prior to us taking the listing, a professional photographer [from a well-known real estate photography company in the area] had taken the photos of the listing, but when we saw them [below], we insisted we hire our photographer. Below are the before "professional photos" and our HD photographer's work. Check it out. 

    Who you hire matters. If you're looking to sell, give us a call at 801-893-1088. And if you're not looking to sell, that's okay  enjoy the before and after photos, and then tell a friend that who they hire matters.