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  • Five Things to Do at Daylight Savings to Protect You, Your Home, and Your Valuables

    Friday, March 11, 2022   /   by Rachel Green

    Five Things to Do at Daylight Savings to Protect You, Your Home, and Your Valuables

    It's spring ahead time already?! We'll be scheduling in a nap to make up for that missed hour of sleep, and because after completing this list, we'll deserve a nap!

    After you change the clocks that aren't smart enough to know about Daylight Savings (looking at your microwave clock), here are five tasks to do this weekend that will help protect you, your home, and your valuables. 

    1. Test smoke detectors and replace their batteries.
    2. Clean fireplace and chimney. You may hire this done, so schedule it this weekend, so you know it will be completed.
    3. Update Storage: store valuables off the floor in waterproof, heat-resistant containers. If you have a basement, make sure items stored there are kept six inches off the floor and preferably in waterproof, heat resistant containers. As spring arrives, the snow pack will start to melt and this is the time basements are most vulnerable to flooding.
    4. Reverse your ceiling fans. If your fan has a direction switch, this is the time to use it. In spring and summer, you want the fan to rotate counterclockwise to create a cooling effect, without lowering the thermostat.
    5. Change your passwords. To help safeguard against cyber thieves, it is important to change your passwords regularly. Consider your banking, email, Facebook, and any other important accounts and update those passwords right away. 

    Happy springing ahead. We hope you get that much deserved nap in!