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  • My Meditation Playlist

    Friday, February 28, 2020   /   by Clint Warner

    My Meditation Playlist

    “hey google, play my Meditation Playlist on Spotify.”

    When I first starting meditating, I had no idea what to do, other than sit in a silly, uncomfortable position on the floor with my legs crossed, looking all Buddha-esque. Soon I was informed that this traditional form of meditating is only one option and that there are endless positions from which you can meditate.

    While you might picture yourself meditating on a cloud, or in a dimly lit room with bamboo plants, you can literally meditate anywhere. Sometimes I will meditate in my car (don’t close your eyes), or in my bed (sometimes that turns into an unexpected nap, so set your alarm), or in the living room, office, or literally anywhere.

    Then I struggled to sit in complete silence and attempt to make all my thoughts go away or to focus on just one thing. Once I discovered that there are guided meditations available on any streaming or music app, I finally got into the groove of meditating.

    Here are some playlist options that I’ve found to help me get into the Zen moment:

    ·       Deepak Chopra & Oprah: My favorite place to find a guided meditation on any topic is the app by Deepak Chopra & Oprah. Right now, they are offering a 21-Day Meditation on “Hope in Uncertain Times” at no cost. This guided journey paired with soft meditation music and a gently bell at the end allows me to get into a meditation, but also makes sure I don’t fall asleep for too long.

    ·       Spotify: Spotify has endless meditation soundtracks with every different kind of music you enjoy. Or you can make your own playlist from a variety of different meditation tunes.

    ·       YouTube: Since discovering that YouTube has an endless supply of meditations, this has proven to be a fast and easy way to get into a meditation. I personally don’t enjoy most guided mediations if they don’t provide quiet time (with music only), like Deepak & Oprah do. These are two that I have saved on YouTube that allow me to enjoy the present and really clear my thoughts.



    ·       Prime Music by Amazon: Like Spotify, Prime Music has an endless list of meditation sounds and tunes. This is a great way to discover what you like listening to. I love the sound of crystal bowls or soft meditation music. Often you’ll find that you can resonate with a certain type of sound and clear your mind and get into a calm, peaceful place easier.

    ·       iTunes: I have also heard that there is an extensive library of meditation sounds on this streaming device, so really, I think you can find it on any of your favorite streaming devices, wherever you are.

    I hope you enjoy these playlist options and I would love to hear about your meditation practice.

    “hey Google. Stop the music and turn up the lights. Thank you.”