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  • New Summer Cocktail Recipe | the Granny Saver

    Monday, July 13, 2020   /   by Rachel Green

    New Summer Cocktail Recipe | the Granny Saver

    We were just about to head into the kitchen and see what summer cocktail we could come up with, from what was left in our pantry and fridge, to share with you on Friday. But first, we needed some inspo, so I headed to Instagram [of course]. And in my stories was a new summer cocktail recipe that was just perfect, from our friend and colleague. You can always count on Ryan Minor to share wit, a fresh perspective, and great photos of his adventures with his son and ladyfriend. And today was no different. A sharp does of wit, relevance, and a refreshing cocktail recipe all in one image. 

    the Granny Saver: 

    Step One: Grab Your Mask (to protect the grannies at the liquor store)
    Step Two: Head to the Liquor Store, Hop in Line, and Apply Mask to face
    Step Three: Once in the liquor store, grab your favorite white wine and a bottle of Aperol. 
    Step Four: Head home and make your white wine spritzer with Aperol. 

    These same steps can be followed for any drink... just substitute the alcohol [ or non-alcoholic ingredients -- for those, follow step one and head to the grocery store ] needed and you're on your way to a tasty beverage you can feel good about. 

    White Wine Spritzer w/ Aperol: 
    • ice
    • 2 parts white wine
    • 1 part club soda or La Croix
    • splash of Aperol
    • You can make it fancy with any fruit garnishments you have too. 

    Ryan's Cocktail.jpeg

    Thank you Ryan for allowing us to share your cocktail recipe!
    Stay safe and enjoy responsibly!