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  • Quarantine Cooking Competition

    Monday, April 27, 2020   /   by Liza Hach

    Quarantine Cooking Competition

    ANNOUNCING the Quarantine Cooking Competition, where you can get creative, win prizes, and be a part of our upcoming eCookbook!

    Have you been binge-watching Chopped as much as we have latley? Well, it got us thinking... since we are all staying home, eating only from our own fridges and pantries, we thought there was no better time than to get creative with what is in our pantry and have some fun with it! We are hosting the Quarantine Cooking Competition with Suzy Eaton Designs, food stylist extraordinaire. She will be judging the competition, and since she can't have a bite of your creation, her judgment will be based on the presentation and the ingredients. 

    There are three rounds, so pick one or join all three! We can't wait to see what you create!
         ROUND 1: Appetizer Round | Now - May 1st | One ingredient has to be pre-packaged.
         ROUND 2: Entree Round | May 4th - May 8th | One ingredient has to be frozen.
         ROUND 3: Dessert Round | May 11th - May 15th | Show off your skills. No additional requirements. 
    *No more than 10 ingredients in each round. ALL SUBMISSIONS DUE by 8:00 p.m. of the last day of the round. Suzy Eaton will announce the winners of each round on our Instagram each Sunday. Stay tuned! All qualifying submission will be included in our upcoming Salt Lake Homes eCookbook!

    To enter, email or DM [direct message] us a picture of your dish along with the picture of the recipe. Your submission will not be judged on your photography skills. ENJOY!

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