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  • Spring Cleaning

    Wednesday, April 10, 2013   /   by Rachel Green

    Spring Cleaning

    As the weather warms, it's time for spring-cleaning. This is the time of year for deep cleaning that you don't have time for on a regular basis. Besides cleaning those baseboards and cupboards don't forget about some areas that may get overlooked, but are very important.

    Exterior of Home:
    ~Roof: Inspect the roof for loose shingles, mushy places, or debris.
    ~Gutters: Clean debris from gutters and check that they aren't loose or in disrepair.
    ~Window Screens and Exterior Paint: Check for any areas that need touching up 
    on the paint, brick or siding. Check window screens for repairs or needed replacement. Power wash the outside of the home including windows.
    ~Sprinklers: Check your lawn sprinkling systems for repairs or maintenance 
    Interior of Home:
    ~Water Heater: Drain any sediment and check for maintenance needs.
    ~Air Conditioning: Perform maintenance on air conditioning or swamp coolers before the hot weather sets in.
    ~Windows/Window Coverings: Wash inside of windows, clean out the tracks and wash window sills. Vacuum/wash/dry clean all window coverings.
    ~Heat registers and cold air returns: Remove dust and wash thoroughly. Dry before replacing.
    ~Refrigerator/Freezer: Defrost and clean thoroughly. Dust coils and remove debris from underneath or behind.
    ~Stove: Remove screen on stove fan and wash. Clean oven and stove rings as well as drip pans. Clean around and underneath the stove for food particles that may attract bugs or other pesky friends.
    ~Dishwasher: Run an empty cycle with bleach. Check for any repairs or maintenance needed.
    ~Washer & Dryer: Clean all filters and perform recommended maintenance. Clean lint and other debris from underneath and around washer and dryer.