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  • What is the Most Expensive Home in Utah?

    Friday, July 10, 2020   /   by Rachel Green

    What is the Most Expensive Home in Utah?


    In nearly every house-hunting journey, there is one question that comes up, to which I rarely have the answer: What is the most expensive home in Utah? Usually they want to know the price and see pictures or hear about it. While I'm always aware of one or two high-dollar listings, I rarely know how much the most expensive home is or where it is, at any given moment. But today, I thought... next time someone asks this question, I'm going to be able to tell them and show pictures.

    But first, my informal and not-so-timely apology to the multitude of buyers over time who have asked this question – to which I didn't know the answer, but always had a story about some million-dollar home instead.

    Usually, I would tell one of a few stories, because let's face it – I’m not slinging multi-million dollar homes on the daily.  A favorite is a story of the time I was lucky enough to be invited for a night at a friend of a friend of a friend's [you get the idea] Deer Valley home that had an in-house spa, with a price tag of over $7M. Buyers are usually surprised that such a price would accompany a home in Utah. Well, be prepared to be surprised, because I have put together a snapshot of how many homes are listed right this moment [yes, even during a pandemic] that are priced over $5Million. And just to be able to answer this question in the future, I have included an active search link that shows the current inventory of homes on the MLS with a price of $5Million or more at any given moment.

    # of ACTIVE Homes Listed over $5Million: 80
    # of ACTIVE Homes Listed over $10Million: 19
    # of ACTIVE Homes Listed over $20Million: 3
    Most Expensive Home listed right now: $24Million
    Located in Midway, this home has 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, a 10-car garage and sits on 42 acres. It also has one of the most interesting outdoor art sculptures [see above] – and don't tell Chris, but on the list of activities you can do on site is motocross, plus a plethora of other resort-like amenities. Check it out here. [this link will no longer be active after the home is sold, however the search link below is active and will show current inventory over $5Million. Also, this home is not listed by us. It is listed by Engel & Volkers Park City.]


    What questions do you have that you wish I could answer? Shoot me a message and I just might answer it here, on the blog.