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  • When Staging Gives You Lemons | Lemon Pancakes

    Friday, February 5, 2021   /   by Rachel Green

    When Staging Gives You Lemons | Lemon Pancakes

    Every home staging is different, depending on the home's needs, but there are three things that remain the same:
    -The end result is a sexy space that sells for the most money.
    -There is rarely [almost never] any additional cost to the seller for staging.
    -and lastly, the lemons! 

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    There are two questions that always follow a staging appointment [aka Fake Living Day] – usually after the photographer is done and there is a sense of accomplishment lingering in the air. The first is always, "Are those real?" They are [we presume] referring to the lemons and limes in the large bowl placed on the kitchen island or dining table – to draw the eye through the room and give the photo another dimension. The answer is always, "YES!" To which the follow-up question is always, "What do you do with those when you're done staging?" And that my friend is the question to which we are so excited to answer here.

    In the summer, sometimes we'll make a delightfully refreshing beverage, like the one we did for 
    this live staging, circa August 2018 [recipes included]. Chris, resident home slinger and guacamole maker, is known to snag the limes and make a big bowl of that life-affirming green goodness, from time to time. 

    But last weekend, we found ourselves with a surplus of lemons [and limes] and a pantry with all the baking requisites – lemon pancakes for breakfast! Now, we didn't just begin our journey to the best lemon pancake recipe last weekend. This has been a labor and love for many months now - probably because our brunch plans have been canceled until further notice. And we are here to tell you, we found the one. The lemon pancake recipe to end all searching for the best lemon pancake recipe.

    Now this is not our own creation, but rather the brilliance of Fiona at JustSoTasty.com. And don’t even think about cheating with lemon juice from a bottle – for the best pancakes, you’ll want fresh lemons, a lemon squeezer [or your hands in case you do not have the habit of buying whatever kitchen gadget is sold in the produce department of Harmon’s], and a zester, which can be found on many multi-purpose hand-held grater tools. And, you’ll want to follow the recipe as it reads – this is not a wet and dry and mix it all together kind of recipe. But the labor and the wait – well worth it. These are fluffy and bright in flavor, but also sweet and have perfect edges.

    We like to top ours with powdered sugar or whipped topping and fresh fruit, but plain or with butter and/ or syrup are also approved lemon-pancake dressings. ENJOY! 

    Lemon Pancakes Recipe

    [oh, and Just So Tasty nailed the aesthetics – so click here for pretty pancake pics and recipe. We're just Realtors who make pancakes on the weekends

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