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    Friday, May 28, 2021   /   by Chris Green

    TIPS to: Save Water, Save Money

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    I showed a home the other day and the bath rug read, "Save Water Shower Together". I thought how clever it is, but really, what are we all doing to save water? And how could I be of service to our Utah drought situation... that's when I thought I would not only do my part, but also get your help!
    If you have listened or read any of the news about Utah in the last month, I am sure you have heard about the drought and that we need to conserve as much water as we can.  The snowpack has been all used up and the reservoirs are well below where they should be.  Lake Powell, for instance, is down 40 feet this year in May, compared to last year.  In total, Lake Powell is down 140 feet.  Crazy, I know!  So, what can you, no, what can we do to not use up all our water?  I am glad you asked.
    Now this water thing isn't a brand new interest for me. It's important to know that Rachel (you know her... my work and l ...

    Monday, July 6, 2020   /   by Chris Green

    Land Art | Spiral Jetty

    Hello there. It has been a minute since the last time I wrote about my adventures. Don't you fret...I have been adventuring near and far, but always socially distanced and staying wicked safe.  One of those adventures put me at the Spiral Jetty on the north side of the Great Salt Lake. I have heard about the Spiral Jetty for as long as I can remember but had never seen it for myself, until last weekend. I thought it was on the south side of the lake for all my life. Good thing we had GPS and we asked for directions before we left on the adventure.
    As we were getting closer to our destination, we were seeing all sorts of birds. I asked my adventure buddy, "Should we become bird watchers?" And she responded with, "I think we do bird watching just the right amount, watch them as we drive by!"  Even though I didn't pick up a new hobby it sure was neat to see birds that I don't see every day. There were black ones with red stripes and big white pelicans with black wing tips and ...

    Wednesday, June 10, 2020   /   by Chris Green

    An Urban Escape

    If you are like us, you have probably been walking around your neighborhood again and again to lessen your cabin fever. We were getting tired of doing the same route every day and thought to ourselves..."Where else can we go on a walk and not have to travel by a land machine to get there?" It just came to me like a laser beam...Tanner Park!

    We can walk to the park from our house and go straight down to the river, so that is exactly what we did. To our great surprise, there were two trails: one that allowed four legged friends and one that did not. We chose to take the path less traveled (by dogs). We love dogs but don't have one yet. This section is closed to dogs so the birds and the ecosystem of the park would not be bothered, so naturally it is a great spot for bird watching if that is your thing.  For us, we just loved hearing the birds sing their favorite tune.  As we were walking on the trail, we looked over to our right and this fabulous tree was begging us to ...

    Friday, May 15, 2020   /   by Chris Green

    When One Track Closes, Another Opens

    Attention frolickers and dirt bikers alike! I am back with some more adventuring for you.  Now, of course I'm most excited to share about a new dirt-bike track that opened, but I've also got something here for the local wanderer.
    If you follow me on facebook or came out the RMR [Rocky Mountain Raceway] to watch the motocross races, you probably heard that track closed at the end of the 2018 season -- which was a huge bummer to the motocross community. But as life would have it, when one track closes, another one opens.
    I have been looking forward to some of the restrictions being lifted, however, as you probably are, I am not sure of the ideal timing and whatnot. I will leave that to the experts and hope they make the right decision. As restrictions are adjusted, we do need to continue to practice all the CDC guidelines.  One of those guidelines is to stay active and enjoy the great outdoors.  So, this adventure is just that -- tho the small town and ...

    Wednesday, April 29, 2020   /   by Chris Green

    Chasing Waterfalls

    DO go chasing waterfalls. 
    TLC may be right about a lot of things, but they clearly never went in search of the Hidden Falls. Because if they had, we wouldn’t have that catchy tune to sing the whole time we were hiking to find them.  
    When Rachel [my adventure partner, of course] suggested we go “on a quick hike” before dinner, I immediately thought of Hidden Falls. I had heard there is this wicked easy hike to these falls, located right above the S-Curve [Big Cottonwood Canyon Road]. We headed up the canyon to find them. After what seemed like a not-very-short while and a lot of elevation gain, near a very quiet stream on our left, the trail turns and there is no stream and no waterfall. Eventually, with no waterfall sighting, but satisfied with our efforts and now very hungry, we turn back toward the car. Just before we had given up, Rachel wanders to the right and yells back with big hand gestures and big surprise – we cross [and fall into] a. ...